Monday, October 4, 2010

Sign of the Week: Mommy

Mommy. One of the best words or signs that your little one can say. When they say it for the first time, your heart just melts. I know mine did. I believe that when you decide to take upon yourself the title of Mother or Father you have a great repsonsibility. What you do as a mother or father will affect generations for years to come. It may seem overwhelming, but you're not alone in the task.
I found this lovely story online and thought that I'd share it:

It was twilight as I sat down in the nursery with our baby in my arms. I felt exhausted. One day seemed to blend into the next in a never-ending round of feeding and sleeping, feeding and sleeping. Twilight, however, was my favorite time of day as I rocked and nursed our baby in the semidarkened room. It was a welcome interval of peace and a time to rest from the hurries of the day.

As I hummed and rocked, I looked down at tiny hands tightly grasping my finger and then into our baby’s face with his endearing toothless grin. As my son gave a small sigh of satisfaction, I wondered how many mothers of the 1800s, 1700s, or even the 1600s had looked upon a similar scene. I felt a great bond of sisterhood that night—something I had never experienced before. I realized that I was simply one more link in the long chain of motherhood. I felt as if these mothers of the past—thousands upon thousands of them—had united together and were waiting to buoy me up. Motherhood took on a new meaning for me that night.

As I gently laid my now-sleeping son in bed, I could almost see the hands of the past beside mine as I carefully pulled up the quilt, smoothed my son’s soft head, and bestowed one last goodnight kiss. I shut the nursery door behind me with a silent prayer of thanks for my newfound source of strength—my realization of motherhood throughout the ages.—Cheryl Avery