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Over two decades of scientific research on the use of sign language with hearing babies, has shown that sign language helps babies learn to talk sooner, jumpstarts their intellectual development, reduces frustration, biting and other aggressive behaviors. .


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By helping babies learn simple potty-time signs, the Baby Signs® Potty Training Program makes it easy for parents to both begin and end the whole enterprise before age 2.


Monday, January 31, 2011

Sign of the Week: Eat

EAT is often one of the first signs children learn. Although it may begin as a way to tell you that they want to eat, it soon opens another world of sharing. From telling you to feed the fish, to letting you know the dog is eating her bone, your child will soon find lots to "talk" about.

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Rumble, Tumble Tummy Time Class Cancelled 2/1/2011

Due to the blizzard headed our way, I'm cancelling class for tomorrow.  Let's hope that Mother Nature will get it all out of her system this time and it will be the last.  I'M SO SICK OF SNOW!!!

Stay safe and warm.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sign of the Week: Sit Down

Whether trying to help your child sit in a high chair or the car seat, the sign for "sit down" can be very helpful! I know as I stroll through the grocery store I have to constantly tell my kids to sit down.  Teachers love this sign because it helps children focus on the direction being given. Share this sign with your little one today.

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sign of the Week: Airplane

Does your child point to every plane that passes overhead? "Airplane" is a simple sign that you can use to talk about what your child sees and hears.  Download your poster today!

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