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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Top 10 Halloween Treats for Toddlers

Halloween is great. I love it and have fond memories of trick-or-treating with my family and trying to get as much candy as possible. When I was a kid, though, I never ate the candy except for a few pieces on Halloween night. I was the "save it for later" type personality and would keep the candy till the next Halloween or until my mom would find it and throw it out. (See I was having my own competition between me and my sisters of who could get the most candy and keep it the longest - I won every time! HAHAH!)

Last year as we went trick or treating with our then 3 yr old and 1 yr old so many people would give my older one an extra piece of candy. "For your brother" they'd say. I'd say "Thank you" but in the back of my mind be thinking "What in the world? I'm not giving this to my 1 yr old. And I can't let my 3 yr old have twice as much candy. Especially since she did not inherit my "save it for later" personality." So friends, I've come up with a toddler friendly list of Halloween Treats. Give them out to the trick or treaters who are too little for all that candy. Most of these can be bought at the dollar store.

Top 10 Halloween Treats for Toddlers:

  1. Bubbles! You can buy large packs of wedding bubbles at the dollar store. This is a great item they can enjoy as they're being pushed in the stroller or toddling along trick or treating.

  2. Play-dough. Look for the packages with tiny canisters.

  3. Stickers. Any stickers will do from animals to Halloween themed. They'll be tickled pink sticking stickers on themselves...on you...on their stroller.

  4. Coloring page with a few crayons. Buy the largest box of crayons from the dollar store and bundle 2 or 3 crayons from the box with ribbon. Then hand them out with a small picture for the kids to color. Google Halloween coloring pages or any familiar character (Dora, Diego, etc) and print out a bunch.

  5. Temporary Tattoos

  6. Super bouncy balls. I haven't known a toddler that doesn't like balls.

  7. Healthier Foods like individual cracker packages, juice boxes, or pretzels.

  8. Glow in the dark sticks, necklaces, or bracelets. Again this is something that will occupy them as they're trick or treating with their older siblings (if they have them), helping mom and dad stay happy.

  9. Noisemakers like kazoos, harmonicas, plastic flutes.

  10. Novelties like spider rings, plastic bugs, army men, dinosaurs, etc.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Sign of the Week: Wait

Parents and caregivers often request the sign for wait. Using the "wait" sign when your child makes a request gives him a visual clue that you have heard him and will soon meet his needs. Whether or not they're patient enough to wait....that's another story.

You can help teach your child patience and self control without using controlling words like "stop" or "don't" all the time. My upcoming Under the Sea class on Nov 11th will help you learn how to teach your children self control through fun games and activities. Checkout my class schedule page if you would like to learn more. Please contact me @ bryn.chandler@babysignsprogram.com to register.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Sign of the Week: Share

Sharing is not exactly the easiest concept to teach young children. I'd say about 99.99% of the time if I hear one of my children crying and I inquire as to why it's because the other one isn't sharing.

It's not that they're being selfish - they're just acting their age. Sharing is a skill they'll develop over several years. In the meantime, struggles over toys will be common. It's no fun to watch your child grab a toy and shout "Mine!" But if he's playing with other toddlers, he/she won't be the only one doing it.

Help your child learn to share by being an example yourself. Offer him a bite of your meal or a chance to assist in the fun of decorating a cake. As you do, use the word and the sign for "share" to describe your behavior. ("I'm eating a really good sandwich, and I'd love to share it with you. Would you like some?") When your toddler attempts to share, praise his efforts. Little by little, he'll drink in the positive reinforcement and feel good about repeating those actions that seem to make you so happy. Before long, he'll start sharing because it comes naturally.

Happy Signing!

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Class Schedule Updated!

I moved my schedule around a bit and changed some things and even added a few classes and workshops. I'm really excited about this new schedule. I've included things like:

A SATURDAY class for the Sign, Say, and Play class!

Potty Training Party Workshop!

Under the Sea class for kids age 2-5!

More Sign, Say, and Play class time/day change.

Check out my class schedule for more information.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sign of the Week: Spider

Whether in nature or seasonal decorations, spiders are all around this time of year. Some children may express curiosity and others fear. Giving children the sign for Spider will provide them a way to "talk" to you about what they see.

Me? I hate spiders, even fake ones. I tell my husband he's in charge of killing the spiders. Call me wimpy or sexist but they really creep me out. I tried to look up something cool about spiders for this post but even reading about them made my skin crawl. So there you have it: the sign of the week. Enjoy, if you can stand looking at it...I can't. :)

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Sign of the Week: Mommy

Mommy. One of the best words or signs that your little one can say. When they say it for the first time, your heart just melts. I know mine did. I believe that when you decide to take upon yourself the title of Mother or Father you have a great repsonsibility. What you do as a mother or father will affect generations for years to come. It may seem overwhelming, but you're not alone in the task.
I found this lovely story online and thought that I'd share it:

It was twilight as I sat down in the nursery with our baby in my arms. I felt exhausted. One day seemed to blend into the next in a never-ending round of feeding and sleeping, feeding and sleeping. Twilight, however, was my favorite time of day as I rocked and nursed our baby in the semidarkened room. It was a welcome interval of peace and a time to rest from the hurries of the day.

As I hummed and rocked, I looked down at tiny hands tightly grasping my finger and then into our baby’s face with his endearing toothless grin. As my son gave a small sigh of satisfaction, I wondered how many mothers of the 1800s, 1700s, or even the 1600s had looked upon a similar scene. I felt a great bond of sisterhood that night—something I had never experienced before. I realized that I was simply one more link in the long chain of motherhood. I felt as if these mothers of the past—thousands upon thousands of them—had united together and were waiting to buoy me up. Motherhood took on a new meaning for me that night.

As I gently laid my now-sleeping son in bed, I could almost see the hands of the past beside mine as I carefully pulled up the quilt, smoothed my son’s soft head, and bestowed one last goodnight kiss. I shut the nursery door behind me with a silent prayer of thanks for my newfound source of strength—my realization of motherhood throughout the ages.—Cheryl Avery

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