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Over two decades of scientific research on the use of sign language with hearing babies, has shown that sign language helps babies learn to talk sooner, jumpstarts their intellectual development, reduces frustration, biting and other aggressive behaviors. .


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By helping babies learn simple potty-time signs, the Baby Signs® Potty Training Program makes it easy for parents to both begin and end the whole enterprise before age 2.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Summer Class Schedule

Check out the schedule for my Summer Classes - Including my Potty Training Workshops in June! Click on my Class Schedule Page to view all the details. Don't forget to pre-register!

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sign of the Week--MOMMY (and a baby sign story)

"Joshua, my third baby boy and third signer gave me such a special Mother's Day gift last year. A little over a year old and he was signing up a storm. He would use the sign for "Daddy" for any close family member, Mommy included. No matter how hard I tried he refused to sign "Mommy." He would just look at me and grin with that "I know what you want, but unless you agree to give me an unlimited supply of cookies you're not getting it" look.

Then on Mother's Day I tried again. I asked Joshua, "Can you sign 'Mommy'?" He looked at me and signed "Love Mommy." That child was instantly forgiven for all the sleepless nights and earned major brownie points for the future. He had the biggest smile full of pride on his face like he had been saving it up for just this day, this moment. He signed it over and over and used the sign for "Mommy" every day after that.

That Mother's Day will forever be one of my favorites. For my baby to be able to communicate so young and tell me he loves me; To see the pride and joy on his face because he made Mommy so happy is a gift I will cherish always." -Elizabeth Sprague

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

When Will My Baby Sign Back to Me?

I get asked this question a lot. Unfortunately there's no exact date as to when your baby will start signing because there are so many factors that play in. It's fine to start modeling signs the day your baby is born. However, most parents prefer to start signing closer to the time their baby is ready to sign back.
Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to see if your baby is ready to sign:

  • Is your baby beginning to point to things?
  • Is your baby bringing toys or objects to you and looking for a response?
  • Is your baby beginning to wave "bye-bye"?
  • Is your baby beginning to shake his/her head for "no" or "yes"?
  • Is your baby beginning to take an interest in picture books?
  • Even though your baby knows some words, are there still important things your baby would like to talk about but can't?

Do more than 2 apply to your baby? If so, it's likely that he is ready to sign.

How soon your baby starts signing back to you depends not only on developmental readiness, but also on: How often you demonstrate the signs you want to teach and How interested your baby is in communication.

Being consistent will help your baby learn faster. Sometimes, even when parents are consistent, babies just won't start signing until they are good and ready! Just as with crawling, walking, or teething, every baby has his or her own unique developmental timetable, and it's important to respect that.

Remember that the point of using the Baby Signs® Program is to enhance the fun of communicating with your child, not to add stress to your life. So if your baby isnt' signing back just yet, go with the flow and stick with it. I guarantee that the proud smile on your baby's face after he's made his first sign will be worth the wait.


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