Monday, December 30, 2013

My Update

Hello to all my readers!

   It's been a while since I last posted.  I have 2 kids in school now (Second grade and Kindergarten) and a baby(18 months) at home.  As time has marched on and most of my kids have out grown Baby Signs, my interest and focus has shifted.  I still use Baby Signs with my youngest, of course, and am a strong advocate of signing with your baby.  However, as my older kids have entered school and seem to get sick more often, I have become interested in ways to keep our family healthy.  My kids bring home all sorts of germs from school and it spreads through the family - especially the baby.  I wanted something safe for the whole family to use when we get colds, flu, etc. This last summer I was introduced to essential oils.  I had heard things about it here or there but wasn't sure if it would really work.  So I bought a few to try out just to see if they might work.  I have found that essential oils coupled with a healthy life style have proven to be safer, cheaper, and more effective at keeping a lot of sickness at bay.

My first trial with oils was to keep mosquitoes away (remember it was the beginning of summer).  I hated the idea of spraying DEET concentrated spray on my little baby so I got a blend called Terrashield and tested it on myself first.  I put it on late, late one night and went out to help my husband fix something outside.  I didn't get a single bite for the entire hour I was out there.  Since then I have used it to get rid of my kid's eczema, stomach aches, seasonal allergies, headaches, rashes, colds, and flu.  I'm in love with these oils!!

I couldn't help but share them with my friends who had babies with colic, or diaper rashes, etc.  Now I teach essential oil classes and share with others how to  find natural solutions to their health concerns.  I've also enjoyed working with people one on one to help them meet their needs.  

Instead of taking of completely taking over this blog I decided to start another one.  There I talk in more detail about which oils I use for various things as well as my schedule of classes.  Feel free to check it out! Living Essential Oil Blog.  I also started a facebook page.

If you want a quick intro on essential oils watch this video.